1- Stages & required documents to register a Private Joint Stock Company
2- Definitions for Joint Stock Companies , general assemblies and types of them , the conditions for director board , ...
3- Click here to access admission web site for registering a new company.Please read help file there , carefully.
1- Stages & required documents to register a Private Joint Stock Company  :

The request for registering a new Private Joint Stock Company is only possible by referring to " " and by fulfilling following documents :

1-      Two completed declaration , signed by founders.

2-      Two completed statutes signed by founders.

3-      A "name selection" form, sorted by prioritized suggested names.

4-      The original Certification  of bank showing the payment of the obliged asset ( the minimum of 35% of asset ) in  account of the new registering company with the payment receipt.

5-      The original "permission letter" for an activity from affiliated organization in case of registering  the activity requires permission .

6-      The hard copy of ID documents  including the first page of " Birth certificate  letter" and "National ID card " of Stakeholders, managers and inspectors. According to  new approach of registering a company  in " comprehensive system of company registration " , helping  electronic services, ID verification of individual and legal entities are done tentatively.

7-      The "clear criminal record certification" from police for manager board members, director general and  inspectors.

8-      Two  "minutes" of " founders' general assembly" , singed by founders.

9-      Two "minutes " of " managers board " , singed by all members in  general assembly .

        10- The original "letter of attorney"  of  the lawyer  in cases , a lawyer is the representative for requesting  for company registration